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Critically acclaimed, cutting edge world music ensemble Autorickshaw is preparing to release their fourth CD, following their Juno-nominated CDs Four Higher and So The Journey Goes. Led by the stellar vocals of Suba Sankaran, Autorickshaw features a heavy, layered sonic landscape. Driving and danceable, Autorickshaw's repertoire includes sensual reinterpretations of Indian folk songs, groove-driven Canadian pop, vintage Bollywood classics, and hypnotic south Asian traditional selections with a twist. Autorickshaw has toured extensively across Canada, the US, India, Europe and the United Kingdom.


Quique Escamilla was born and raised in Chiapas, Mexico. He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer living in Toronto. His lyrics carry powerful messages that address various socio-political issues such as human rights, immigration reform, global conservation, anti-racism, and indigenous rights; accompanied by a fusion of traditional Mexican styles such as ranchera and huapango with modern sounds of rock, reggae, ska, jazz, cumbia, bolero, and other Latin American rhythms.   His music is often heard on popular CBC radio shows such as, Here & Now, Metro Morning, Big City Small World, Fresh Air and Canada Live.

"He's a unique talent who holds to the traditions of heavyweights like Bob Marley and Manu Chao. Quique is really one to watch!" -Garvia Bailey, CBC Radio.


Multifaceted musicians Suba Sankaran and Dylan Bell join forces to create the FreePlay Duo. Described as “inspired eclecticism”, Dylan and Suba will take you from the concert halls of Europe, to the jazz clubs of Manhattan, to the temples of India, and back to the cultural mosaic of their native Toronto… all without leaving your seat. From Bach to Bird to the Beatles, Dylan and Suba effortlessly cross musical boundaries, continually combining and recombining sounds to create a concert of endless variety, with the intimate delivery of two people. The FreePlay Duo's uniquely diverse concert program has taken them across Canada and around the world, with stops all across Europe, Scandinavia, South Asia and the Far East. Their self-titled debut album was released in May 2009.


Maryem Hassan Tollar singer, composer and songwriter, is Egyptian-Canadian and lives in Toronto.  An integral part of Canadian music since the mid-nineties, she has helped forge the acceptance of music from many diverse cultures and lent her voice to the cause of peace in the Middle East.  She has composed and sung for the theatre, dance, film and television, including being featured with Patricia O’Callahan and the Gryphon Trio on the JUNO award winning recording of Constantinople.


Roula Said is a multi-faceted artist dedicated to Middle Eastern music and dance.  One of Canada’s leading lights in the world of bellydance, Roula is the director of Om Laila Bellydance, the producer of FunkaBelly – Toronto’s premier global Grooves Dance Party – and Bellydance /cabaret.  Roula is an inspiring teacher who has been sharing the wisdom and pleasure of bellydance for over 20 years, leading workshops in Canada, as well as in the US.  As a musician, she sings, plays qanun and percussion.


Waleed Abdulhamid is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist and producer.  Born in Sudan, Waleed began performing at the age of 6.   Waleed has been an active member of the Toronto music scene since his arrival in Canada in 1992.  He demonstrates his versatility on strings and percussion instruments.  He is known for his striking vocals, innovative bass technique and speed and precision on percussion.  Waleed works extensively as a studio musician and arranger with local R & B bands, and appears regularly at music festivals across Canada.


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