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Turtle House uses art, including painting, clay work/ceramics, and music, to help children and parents from regions of conflict express themselves as they settle in their new home.

​Turtle House:​


  • Uses art, including painting, clay work/ceramics, and music, to help children and parents from regions of conflict express themselves as they settle in their new home

  • Incorporates art and recreation for children (ages 4-12) and their parents, as well as a Conversation Circle for parents.

  • Provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for Newcomer/refugee families from different ethno-racial, cultural, linguistic and faith backgrounds to engage in art-making and connect with each other

  • Offers a free program with additional supports, e.g. TTC fares, refreshments, and interpreters to increase their access and full participation.







The Art Program

The Intergenerational Art Program is facilitated by professional artists and volunteers in a positive, supportive setting.  Children are introduced to a variety of art forms, including painting, clay work/ ceramics, and music (particularly percussion instruments). 

Parents are invited to participate in the art activities with their     children, converse with each other during the sessions, as well as take part in the Parent Conversation Circle.

The program runs on Saturdays, usually from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for 9 sessions. ​A Celebration and Open House is held at Week 9 to showcase the art work of children and parents.


The Conversation Circle

In the Conversation Circle, parents from different cultural backgrounds connect with and learn from each other. The group provides a forum for discussion and presentations on issues concerning settlement and parenting, increasing refugee families knowledge and access to community resources and activities, as well as encouraging their engagement in the community at large.


Our Program

Are you a Newcomer parent coming from a region of conflict or war? Do you have children 4-12 years of age?:

Turtle House offers special free programs for you and your family:
• A 9 week art program: painting, clay work/ceramics and music – drumming
• A Conversation Circle for parents to converse with each other and to learn more about your community as you settle in Canada

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